Food producers in China are increasingly turning to Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification, a GFSI-recognized scheme which confirms that food products meet the highest possible standards for safety and quality, to achieve a competitive edge.


Independent third-party certification of a food safety system, demonstrating compliance with international and domestic food safety regulations, is a key method of food safety verification that businesses can use.

Designed to meet the needs of buyers and suppliers worldwide, the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Code covers the entire food supply chain. Recognized by the Global Food Safety Institute (GFSI), SQF includes a range of codes and modules tailored to meet the demands of all industry sectors, thereby ensuring that requirements are specific to your operations. The SQF Quality Code is a feature unique to certification programs of this type.

Certification against SQF can be achieved through a range of food safety codes each designed to meet that sector’s very specific needs:

  • Primary production code
  • Food manufacturing code
  • Storage and distribution code
  • Manufacturing of food packaging code
  • Food retail code

In addition, the SQF Quality Code can be added to any of the above food safety audits (except the Food Retail Code) to demonstrate that a supplier meets global quality standards.

Suppliers certified to the Quality Code are able to use the SQF Quality Shield on their packaging.

Across China, awareness of the SQF Code has been growing over the last five years. Today, it has the attention of Chinese organizations at all levels of the supply chain and the number of SQF certified companies in mainland China is growing. Most of these certifications were issued by SGS. We are proud to say that some of the country’s leading food companies have contracted SGS to conduct audits in pursuit of SQF certification.

Organizations certified against the SQF Quality Code are entitled to display the SQF Shield on product packaging, to show its quality and demonstrate the independence of the verification.

Global dairy quality

One of the world’s biggest and most famous dairy companies that pays close attention to supply chain management and implements management systems in its dairy farms chose SGS as their certification provider. Two of this dairy’s farms, located in Tangshan City (Hebei Province) and Shuozhou (Shanxi Province), have successfully achieved SQF certification. They chose SQF to improve quality and food safety management skills and food supply chain transparency, at the same time as enhancing consumers’ confidence in food products’ quality and safety. This will also increase their competitiveness.

Edible oils expertise

A famous edible oil manufacturer operating factories across China is working hard to provide consumers with healthy, convenient and innovative products. It pays close attention to food safety and quality. Indeed, all four of this company’s factories in mainland China have successfully gained SQF food safety and quality certificates.

Infant formula safety

Processing infant formula milk powder, a well-established local dairy company’s factory in Fuyu County (Heilongjiang Province) implements the highest levels of food safety and quality standards. This company has been successful in achieving SQF food safety and quality certificates, demonstrating the high level of its management skills.

Bright future

With increasing focus on food safety and quality, as well as third party verification of food safety systems, SQF certification of facilities is expected to grow, alongside increased recognition of the SQF program in China.

With SQF certification SGS can confirm that your organization produces, processes, prepares and handles food products to the highest possible standards globally. We can provide one-stop solutions for SQF certification that include audits, practitioner training, gap analysis and more.

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