​Capitalize on the growing in popularity of biomass for power and heat generation. Versatile and a common by-product of many activities, biomass is at the heart of international efforts to increase the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources.

At the same time, the industry is closely controlled, and biomass and biofuel products must meet a host of quality, sustainability and safety parameters.

Quite literally, biomass is a growth industry. Wood, agricultural crops and waste all have a role to play in securing the future of the energy supply chain.

As countries around the world reduce reliance on fossil fuels, so the market for innovative products increases. Biomass is increasingly the fuel of choice of new CHP plants, across Europe, North America, with interest growing across Asia and South America.

In a cost sensitive sector, domestic and international markets thrive, but fluctuate. Biomass offers not only a green future for energy production but also a real opportunity for diversification for landowners – as suppliers or users of biomass.

To support the sector, in established and evolving markets, we have brought together details of our operation in this ‘Focus on Biomass’ to give you access to the best support in the most appropriate location, and to help you optimize your profits.

Meet our teams and learn about our capabilities around the world. We hope you enjoy the articles and that you’ll get in touch with our teams soon.

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SGS Biomass Team

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Global Business Manager
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Customer Care Coordinator
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