Analysis of recalls notified under the European Union’s rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products (RAPEX) between 2015 and 2018 shows that 33% of furniture recalls were for bunk beds.


The figures relating to furniture recalls have remained relatively static during the period between 2015 and 2018, but the data does reveal some interesting points for manufacturers and suppliers to consider.

Bunk Bed Remain on Top

Between 2015 and 2018, bunk beds have made up 33% of the total number of products recalled in the furniture sector. The majority of recalls relate to non-conformity with the EN 747 standard for safety, strength and durability.

Several causes have been listed as the reason for failing, including:

  • Distance between side rail slates may allow child strangulation
  • Distance between mattress top and the top of the barrier may be insufficient to prevent falling
  • Opening on short side of the bed may allow falling when the child rolls on the top of the bed

It is noticeable that Sweden was the primary notifying country, with the products mainly coming from Poland.

New Listing: Ironing Boards

In 2018, for the first time, an ironing board was recalled. The notifying body was France, who in 2018 led a campaign regarding ironing boards coming onto the French market. Currently, France possesses the only standard for ironing boards, national standard NF D 80 010, which contains safety information about stability and strength. The recalled product posed a stability problem and did not fulfill the requirements of this standard.

Stakeholders should be aware other countries are now considering applying NF D 80 010 for ironing boards to prove conformity to the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD).

Growing Trends

Annually, the number of countries registering recalls on RAPEX continues to rise. Currently, Lithuania and Spain are the most active members, representing around 40% of recalls in total. However, Bulgaria, Denmark, France and a new addition to the list, Sweden, are beginning to catch up.

Recalled Product Origin

RAPEX not only records notifying countries but also the countries of origin in its annual overview. In 2018, as in previous years, most recalled products were made in China (44%). In the main, this is because China is the dominant exporter of furniture to the EU. After this, Poland appears second with 28% of recalls – most bunk bed recalls relate to Polish products. Finally, Vietnam is in third place with 8%. Vietnam is the main producer of outdoor furniture.

Looking Ahead to 2019

Spain has already notified a recall for an outdoor furniture product that didn’t meet the requirements for EN 581-1.

Stakeholders should also be aware that, following updates to EN 1022 for seat stability and EN 1335-2 for office furniture, we may expect more controls starting in June 2019. By this time, all Member States of the EU will have adopted the new versions and withdrawn the previous iteration.

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