ASTM F3343-19 was developed to address certain hazards resulting from use and reasonably foreseeable misuse of infant bathers.

SAFEGUARDS | Toys and Juvenile Products NO. 028/19

Baby laying on a bath tub

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) identified incidents involving infant bathers, for example drowning when used in adult tub with water or collapsing when transporting the occupant while in the infant bather.

The standard defines infant bather as “a stand-alone product intended to provide support for an occupant who cannot sit upright unassisted (approximately 0 to 6 months) in a reclining position during bathing by a caregiver but not intended to retain water.” Infant bather is usually used in an adult tub or in or next to sink.

The standard includes the following requirements:

General Requirements

  • Hazardous Sharp Edges or Points
  • Small Parts
  • Lead in Paints
  • Resistance to Collapse
  • Scissoring, Shearing, and Pinching
  • Openings
  • Protective Components
  • Labeling
  • Compliance to ASTM F2670 (if an infant bather can be converted to or has a mode that can be used on or in an infant bathtub)
  • Compliance to applicable Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act requirements
  • Compliance to ASTM F963 (for toys accessories included with the infant bather)

Performance Requirements

  • Restraint System
  • Structural Integrity
  • Specific Requirements for Suction Cups
  • Disassembly/Collapse While Lifting
  • Stability
  • Fabric/Mesh Integrity

Marking, Labeling and Instructional Literature Requirement

  • Infant bather and its packaging shall be marked or labeled according to the requirements specified in the standard
  • Infant bather shall include instructional literature according to the requirements specified in the standard

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