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Software that deals with delicate data must be regulated and certified; hence, Anonos’ decision for their SaveYourData® software to be certified against EuroPrivacy standards.

Data Security Mobile

SaveYourData, Anonos’ platform for dynamic pseudonymization, ensures more secure management of stored personal data by transforming these data into pseudonymized and/or anonymized datasets. While technology B2B organizations tend to use security systems that can compromise data, Anonos’ SaveYourData platform and its methodology delivers privacy, safely and legally, without sacrificing accuracy. GDPR compliance adds business value to Anonos’ framework.

Anonos underwent an audit and assessment process, provided by SGS, in respect of the EuroPrivacy Certification Scheme. A written gap analysis was created and given to Anonos after the first audit. Anonos’ implementation of the findings and a subsequent audit resulted in successful certification.

The decision to prioritize certification was proven beneficial to Anonos’ business. EuroPrivacy Data Protection Certification Scheme in partnership with SGS provides a comprehensive solution to:

  • Audit and certify compliance with the GDPR
  • Identify legal, financial, and reputational risks
  • Enhance data protection through surveillance audits
  • Build stakeholder trust

Download the full Anonos Shows GDPR Compliance with EuroPrivacy Certification case study.