In line with the global trend of volunteering, serving and working toward the welfare of communities, SGS in Pakistan has launched an initiative focused on giving. “Joy of Giving…For a Cause” is based on the concept of giving in order to make the world a better place for ourselves and future generations.

The first J.O.G. event took place on December 9, 2018 at SoS Children’s Village, an organization that provides shelter, food and education to orphans and abandoned children, so they can enjoy a family-like environment. The team chose to launch J.O.G. here in order to emphasize the important role that young people will play in determining society’s future.

Upon their arrival early that morning, SGS volunteers were given a tour of the village. They then took seats on the lawn, decorated with balloons and other objects in colors representing life, where the event took place.

Later, the team donated gifts, including sports items, electronics, clothing and floor mats, that they had collected previously. They provided children at the village with baby Gul Mohar and Moringa plants. The children are expected to nurture the plants, thus gaining a practical lesson in responsibility.

SGS Launches Joy of Giving

Managing Director Mr. Abdul Razzak Lakhani presents bouquet to SoS Village team

SoS Village families also received goody bags and plants for the village garden. A local shoe company provided sponsored gifts.

Volunteers placed safety posters throughout the village’s home units, in washrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

The team worked at creating “Moments of Joy” by sharing meals and engaging in activities with staff, mothers and children. These included mental exercises led by a spiritual leader and expert on mental health, singing, a pushup competition and a magic show. To improve their understanding of environmental issues, children were divided up into teams, with each team being required to list benefits provided by trees.

At the end of the event. SGS’s Managing Director in Pakistan, Mr. Abdul Razzak Lakhani and Business Manager Industrial Services in Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Aqeel, planted a tree in the village garden, to symbolize the way in which SGS’s relationship with SoS Children’s Village is contributing toward making the world a happier, healthier place.

Mr. Lakhani pointed out that less privileged youth have the potential to become productive human beings. He said that SGS in Pakistan places a high importance on corporate social responsibility, because of its role in improving the economies, and therefore, the lives of people around the globe.

This event has helped to cement our status as experts on a wide range of quality, health, safety and environmental issues. By establishing good policies on QHSE and corporate social responsibility, businesses protect partners, suppliers, employees and their families, customers, nearby communities and other members of the public who are impacted by the workplace environment.

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