Earlier this year, the Indian Oilseeds and Produce Export Promotion Council (IOPEPC) contracted SGS to conduct a crop survey for two major oilseeds crops – sesame and groundnuts.


Conducted over two months, the study covered:

  • Seven states
  • More than 4000 face-to-face interviews
  • Consideration of the monsoon pattern
  • Data on:
    • Disease and pest attacks
    • Analysis of fertiliser and agrochemical inputs

The final report, delivered to the IOPEPC, concluded with estimated yield and production figures for these two major oilseed crops.

Survey Specification

Successful market research and strategic decision making rely on specialist skills and resources, whatever your crop. Our agronomists and survey teams can help you every step of the way from establishing a customized survey methodology to data collection and reporting.

Sample sizes and distributions are determined according to the needs of the client.

While every survey is customizable, they typically cover:

Primary data:

  • Acreage trends
  • Yield trends
  • Weather conditions and impact on production

Secondary data:

  • Pest, disease and weed pressures
  • Farm size and land ownership
  • Cost of production
  • Input analysis (fertilizers, agrochemicals)
  • Selling price and price expectation

Our crop survey teams, including qualified agronomists, are trained and deployed to conduct face-to-face interviews, gathering quantitative and qualitative data. Teams are equipped with GPS to tag data points, and digital cameras for the collation of images to demonstrate findings.


Results are collated and processed using a dedicated software system. We will deliver data on a wide range of metrics – tailored to your needs – but including comparative data on the world's largest countries for production, exports and consumption.

Our unrivalled experience and expertise, and unique global network offer you independent strategic data gathering and processing for a wide range of crops – all over the world.

For more information, please contact:

Rizvan Farasta
Agriculture, Food and Life
Seed & Crop Services
t: +91 79 6160 31 00