Bag product standard QB/T 1333 was updated to the 2018 version on September 1, 2018.

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On May 8, 2018, the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued bag product standard QB/T 1333-2018 which replaced the previous edition QB/T 1333-2010. QB/T 1333-2018 became effective on September 1, 2018.

The new version of the standard is applicable to handbags and knapsacks used daily. Bags with volumes not above 3L, should follow the new product standard QB/T 5243-2018.

Main Technical Changes

The main differences between the 2018 version and the 2010 version:

  • Deleted requirements for superior grade;
  • Deleted requirement for specification;
  • Added requirements for fastener durability, plastic buckle durability and flexing resistance of straps;
  • Added method of volume measurement;
  • Revised requirement of shaking impact, changed the specified load to base on volume;
  • Revised requirements for accessories and changed the item name to lock durability;
  • Revised requirement and method for colour fastness to rubbing;
  • Revised requirement and method for seam strength;
  • Revised requirement for hardware fitting corrosion resistance.

Highlights of the Requirements of QB/T 1333-2018

No. Item Requirement
1. Appearance quality For more details, please refer to the standard
2. Shaking impact

Under the specified load conditions, test the strap, handle and side strap in that order.using the following shaking frequency: the double straps and handle 400 times, single strap and handle 250 times, side strap 150 times.  

After testing, the body should show no breakage, no shape deformation of any component, no damage or broken stitches; fixed part, joint part should not be loose; magnetic buckle should function normally; lock should function normally; The combination lock should not jam, be disconnectedor have any discontinuous, disordered or failed combination dial.

3. Lock durability Function normally and no damage
4. Fastener durability Function normally and no damage
5. Zipper durability No removal, skew or broken teeth
6. Seam strength

Seam strength in the effective area not less than 240N

For simply foldable bag not less than 120N

7. Plastic buckle durability Function normally and no damage
8. Color fastness to rubbing, staining
  • Leather with coating thickness not above 20 μm;
  • Fur;
  • Suede.
  • suede: dry≥3
  • Other: dry≥3
  • Leather with coating thickness above 20 μm;
  • Imitation leather, Bonded leather
  • dry≥3-4
  • wet≥ 3
  • Textile, Uncoated microfiber
  • Denim fabric: dry≥ 3
  • Other: dry≥ 3-4
9. Corrosion resistance of hardware fitting The number of corrosion points does not exceed 3 and each surface corrosion areashould be ≤1mm²
10. Flexing resistance of straps No crack or peel-off in edge coating; No crack or delamination in laminated straps
11. Decomposable carcinogenic arylamines dyes ≤30mg/kg
12. Formaldehyde content ≤300mg/kg
13. Other restricted substances

The quantity of VCM, soluble heavy metal content and volatile matter in PVC imitation leather should comply with GB 21550;

Adhesive needs to meet 7 kinds of restricted substances requirements. For more details, please refer to the standard QB/T 1333-2018.

Details of The Technical Content

For more information, please refer to the standard QB/T 1333-2018 <Handbag and knapsack > or contact SGS directly.

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