Global FSMA Program Director, Hank Karayan, visited South Korea and Vietnam in April 2018 as part of SGS’s initiative to help food exporters to the US understand the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


Mr. Karayan visited Seoul and Ho Chi Minh City in April 2018 to speak about FSMA to food manufacturers that export to the US. His presentation looked at how the new legislation would impact Korean and Vietnamese exporters, as well as explaining the new rules being introduced by FSMA and the way companies could prepare for FSMA certification.

Delegates at the Korean seminar on April 17, 2018, were also given presentations on the Food Defense/Food fraud plan, Transparency-One, SGS’s digital supply chain solution for managing risk, and heard from Korean confectioner, HAITAI, about how to prepare for an FDA surveillance inspection. Following the Vietnamese seminar, on April 19, 2018, Mr. Karayan took part in an informative question and answer session with the 144 delegates, drawn from 88 companies.

FSMA represents a shift from reactive to preventative food safety management practices. It is based on seven foundational rules for compliance and comes with the expectation that food facilities inside and outside the US will understand the rules and comply with those that are relevant to their business.

SGS is proactive in its approach to helping international manufacturers fully understand the impact FSMA will have on their business and the way they can ensure continued compliance. Holding seminars around the globe, SGS has highlighted the correct approach to FSMA compliance, focusing on key foundational rules such as Preventative Controls for Human Food, the Intentional Adulteration Rule, and the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP).

Hank Karayan is SGS’s Global FSMA Program Director. He began his career as a quality and food safety consultant and trainer, before moving into management, leading multiple projects for global corporations. He joined SGS in 2011 as an International Solutions Manager, progressing to Director of International Solutions and, in 2016, being appointed Global FSMA Program Director. He is a published authority on food safety and compliance, bringing together his academic and training backgrounds, alongside a technical and managerial approach to food safety.

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