A new test standard for occasional-use seating has been a released by the Business Institutional Manufacturers Association.

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The standard, designated ANSI/BIFMA X 6.4 2018, was approved by ANSI in May to provide a common basis for evaluating the safety, durability, and structural adequacy of occasional-use seating with an estimated product life of five years based on continuous single-shift usage.

BIFMA’s Subcommittee for Seating Standards drafted the standard to address public and lounge seating that is not intended to for vigorous daily use in an office environment. ANSI/BIFMA X 6.4 2018 defines occasional use as freestanding seating that normally used in indoor spaces such as waiting, reception, or gathering areas. Occasional-use seating includes products with single seat units, units with multiple seating positions within one unit or ganged seating units.

Consistent with ANSI/BIFMA x5.1 “Office Chairs”, the 95th percentile male weighs 125 kg (275 pounds), was used in the development of the following tests:

  • Backrest Strength Test - Horizontal - Static
  • Backrest Strength Test - Vertical - Static
  • Backrest Durability Test - Horizontal - Cyclic
  • Backrest Durability Test - Vertical - Cyclic
  • Arm Strength Test - Horizontal - Static
  • Arm Strength Test - Vertical - Static
  • Arm Durability Test - Horizontal - Cyclic
  • Arm Durability Test for Multiple Seating Units - Vertical - Cyclic
  • Arm Durability Test for Single Seat Units - Angular - Cyclic
  • Seating Durability Tests - Cyclic
  • Drop Test - Dynamic
  • Leg Strength Test - Front and Side Application
  • Unit Drop Test - Dynamic
  • Caster/Unit Base Durability Test - Cyclic
  • Swivel Test - Cyclic
  • Tilt Mechanism Test - Cyclic
  • Stability Tests

SGS Hardline labs in both Europe and Asia could supply the service of testing for ANSI/BIFMA X6.4:2018.

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