SGS offers a range of services to help the Canadian barley industry regarding the purity of its product.


To create the right taste, brewers need to be sure they are buying the right malting barley variety for their product. It is important, therefore, for barley growers and grain handling companies to find ways to verify the variety and purity of their product.

Malt barley is purchased on a varietal basis. Customers buying Canadian malting barley want assurances that it is the correct variety and purity before finalizing the deal. This is particularly important for overseas buyers, who must factor-in the high costs of shipping when considering procuring malting barley from Canada.

Each brewer will have their own blend of finished malts, which are designed to match the requirements of their brew. If a barley variety is not accurately identified, or is of insufficient purity, the finished product will not pass the quality controls of the brewer. This will reflect badly upon the grower and the Canadian barley industry.

Malting barley has always provided Canadian growers with substantial returns and, because of this, farmers must find ways to demonstrate to buyers the purity of their given malting variety or face the considerable losses that would accrue from a barley crop that fails to qualify for malting grade.

SGS provides a range of services to help the Canadian barley industry identify and quantify the purity of its barley malts. Tests are conducted in our high-tech laboratories and can be undertaken on 92, 184 or 368 kernels/samples, depending on the requirements of the client.

To address the challenges relating to identification and quantification, we have commercialized the DNA-based, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) marker testing service. Using variety-specific assays and high-throughput DNA extraction methods, our laboratories provide rapid, reliable and cost-effective testing services to help the Canadian barley industry guarantee the quality of its product. Regular turn-around time is five business days, but we also provide rapid services (48 hours TAT) and a same day service, if required.

Our agriculture and food testing laboratories provide Canadian barley producers and grain handling companies with a one-stop-shop solution for all their testing needs. In addition to purity assessments, we also offer grain grading and testing for a wide range of factors, including mycotoxins and GMO material.

Working with SGS will help the Canadian barley growers create greater confidence in their product, improved quality assurance, and decreased commercial risk.

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