SASO has updated its list of regulated energy efficiency home appliances to include water heaters. Products must be labeled and registered for the market after the implementation date.

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On June 15, 2017, the World Trade Organization circulated a proposal from the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) announcing its intention to specify the performance and energy labeling requirements for water heaters.

It requires that water heaters carry a valid energy efficiency label, per notice nimber G/TBT/N/SAU/989.

After receiving comments and responses, SASO published Saudi Standard No. 2884:2017 Water Heaters Energy Performance Requirements and Labeling in the Official Gazette on January 5, 2018.

According to articles 3, 4 and 9 of SASO's regulation, issued by Royal Decree No. 216, the aim is to rationalize the consumption of electrical energy in order to preserve the national economy and its earnings, and to reduce consumption for the average consumer.

On February 28, 2018, SASO held a Home Appliances Standards Workshop to introduce the new Saudi Energy Efficiency Program. At the meeting, attendees were briefed on updates and issues for small AC, refrigerators and freezers, and washing machines standards; New standards issued for clothes dryers and water heaters; the lauch of an enforcement plan for the new standards and a new design of energy labels.

The scope of the new standard for water heaters includes:

All types of water heater sold in the Kingdom are included in the scope of the standard:

  • Electric storage type water heaters up to 2,000 liters
  • Electric instantaneous type water heaters up to 2,000 liters
  • Storage tanks up to 2,000 liters
  • Electic heat pump and solar water heaters up to 2,000 liters
  • Gas type water heaters up to 300 liters

Next step:

The date of enforcement of this new standard for water heaters is July 5, 2018. Importers and manufacturers must regist and label products to ensure they comply with the new standard.


SGS China received accreditation for the new home appliance standards from SASO in March 2018.

SGS provides the testing solutions to demonstrate compliance with the new standards and enegy labeling requirements, offering one-stop service that helps enterprises achieve registration and certification to quickly access the target market.

Our global network and expertise provide professional testing services, helping you to strengthen sustainable competences.

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