On February 21, 2018, clients, staff and VIPs celebrated the official opening of SGS’s new Center of Agriculture Testing.


Keeping up-to-date with changes in the legal environment, complying with European agricultural policy and staying on top of new strategies in the chemical and agricultural industries, all call for innovative test environments.

To answer these calls, we have established this new Center to enable us to meet customer requests, implement and combine different test methods. At the opening, we were joined by several guest speakers, including: Dr. Martin Hommes from the Julius Kühn-Institut; Dr. Günther Peters, Head of Approval and Product Safety Syngenta; and, Mr. Markus Becker, Managing Director, BACTIVA.

Speaking at the event, SGS's Christa Gerling, responsible for field trials and the brand-new Center of Agricultural Testing, highlighted the set-up and the resources: "We can offer a broad spectrum of services, whether field trials, tests in greenhouses and climatic chambers under controlled conditions, or a combination of all three. Thanks to our modern test environments, our experts can solve test issues and conduct diverse testing protocols."

Christa Gerling and her team invited all guests to join them in a tour of the new facilities:

  • More than 770 m2 of covered space hosting a laboratory with fume hood, drying chamber, autoclave and a state-of-the-art Research Track Sprayer for exact application of plant production products
  • 50 m2 of usable space in cool chambers (5 to 20°C, air circulation etc.)
  • 96 m2 of usable space in two plant growth chambers with illuminated shelves (dimmable, 350 μE/m²/s in 250 mm distance possible), humidity control (range 45 to 95 % rel. hum.; humidity stability ±2,5% rel. hum.), temperature control (range: +8 up to +30 °C; temperature stability ±2 K)
  • 150 m2 of greenhouse with three heatable chambers, growth lamps for homogenous room illumination (type: DH light, ceramic vapor lamps at full spectra), energy screen with 55% shading effect, permanent recording of all climatically relevant data (humidity measurement in the chambers, indoor light measurement, weather station with external sensor for temperature, wind strength and direction, light intensity, etc.)

The Center is designed and prepared to be extended – the space in the cool and climate chambers, as well as the greenhouse, can be quickly multiplied.

Services available in our Center for Agriculture Testing

Agriculture Testing graph

Whatever the task, you can be sure that the SGS Center of Agriculture Testing will provide robust, reliable data and results for a wide variety of test setups. Fast, strategically planned and efficient. Saving you time and money.

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