On March 28, 2018, SGS awarded a Facility Security Evaluation Certificate to Numajiri Sangyo Co., Ltd.’s Tsukuba Archive Center, making it the first facility worldwide to comply with the SGS Facility Security Evaluation Criteria.

SGS’s Facility Evaluation service was developed as an outcome of a study on facility security, performed in collaboration with SECOM Co., Ltd. The study was concerned with the vulnerability of facilities to criminal activity. As logistics has become increasingly globalized and sophisticated, new opportunities have been created for criminals, who are using more sophisticated methods to achieve their aims. This has made ensuring the security of freight within the supply chain one of the greatest challenges for logistics service providers and manufacturers of high value and high risk products.

The SGS Facility Security Evaluation Criteria gauge the level of a logistics facility’s:

  • Surveillance camera system
  • Personal and vehicle access control systems
  • Sensor system
  • Machine security system and/or placement of security guards
  • Other facility related requirements

Toshimasa Numajiri, president of Numajiri Sangyo Co., received the certificate. He states, “We are proud to be the first in the world to be awarded the SGS Facility Security Evaluation Certificate for our Tsukuba Archive Center. We believe that we can globally demonstrate the security of our logistic facilities to our clients though our compliance with the criteria. We expect that these criteria will spread to the overall logistics facility industry, with the SGS Facility Evaluation service guiding the development of security in the logistic industry.”

Yuji Takeuchi, Business Manager at SGS in Japan, says, “We expect Numajiri Sangyo to gain attention as a trusted logistics service provider in international and local markets.”

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