Lighting can contribute significantly to a company’s electricity bill. In an office, lighting accounts for from 10 to as much as 40 percent of total energy consumption, depending on the type and location of the facility.

By adopting energy efficient lighting practices, energy use can be reduced by up to 75 percent, with a corresponding reduction in costs. 

Improving lighting systems to increase efficiency

Energy Saver Fluorescent

General measures that can be adopted in offices to improve lighting efficiency include:

  • Using natural lighting
  • Adapting the lighting level so that it does not exceed what is needed
  • Replacing lamps or luminaires with more energy efficient ones
  • Using control systems – presence detectors, daylight sensors and timed lighting for non-occupied spaces

Upgrading your lighting

Changes we make to your lighting system will have a direct effect on your electricity bill, so before implementing any improvements, the bill and the contracted power should be accurately reviewed.

Additionally, as lighting is a technology existing in every home, employees can replicate energy conservation measures and best practices related to lighting in their homes.

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