JinkoSolar, a world leader in solar energy, has received Cradle to Cradle certification thanks to assessment services from SGS.

Cradle to Cradle certification for four solar modules in their Eagle series, makes JinkoSolar one of the first and the largest manufacturer of photo voltaic (PV) to achieve this endorsement. “As the first Chinese company to achieve Cradle to Cradle certification, we have set a new milestone. We hope that many will follow,” says Rong Hu of JinkoSolar.

Unique Market Position

JinkoSolar manufactures solar cells and complete PV modules for energy companies, commercial organizations and private individuals. “With this certificate, JinkoSolar differentiates itself in the solar modules market, and in the Chinese market,” says Udo Waltman, Director of SGS Search, which conducted the assessment for this certification. “A Cradle to Cradle certificate means that the product and manufacturing processes comply with key aspects of the circular economy.”

Excellent Scores for Material Health

As part of the Cradle to Cradle assessment, JinkoSolar scored highly for ‘Material Health’. SGS verified that the product does not contain any hazardous materials and is safe, including when recycled. Materials used in the manufacture of solar modules, such as lead and cadmium, are not always healthy or suitable for recycling. This makes JinkoSolar's score for ‘Material Health’ extra special.

SGS also inspected the factory where the product is manufactured for CO2 emissions, waste water and energy consumption. “Obviously, as a manufacturer of solar modules JinkoSolar's score for the latter aspect was excellent”, commented Mr. Waltman. “As part of the assessment process we also evaluated the social aspects in the supply chain, including working conditions and suppliers.”

Collaboration within SGS

The assessment of JinkoSolar for the Cradle to Cradle certification is a good example of SGS collaboration between colleagues around the world. From Shanghai, China, to the Netherlands, SGS inspectors and advisers supported the assessment and certification process.

Sustainable Ambitions

Rong Hu, project manager certification at JinkoSolar said: “As a leading solar PV manufacturer conscious of the environment, JinkoSolar is aware of the importance of working to high environmental, health, and safety standards in all our manufacturing processes. We chose to apply for Cradle to Cradle certification because it is recognized worldwide and best represents our sustainability goals and efforts in promoting environmental and sustainable best practices within the solar industry. For our part, we will continue to promote and educate our customers and partners about the benefits of the Cradle to Cradle certification.”

More information on Cradle to Cradle product certification is available here.

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