SGS is proud to announce the launch of its Extended Quality and Sourcing Solution (EQSS).

SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company will deliver quality process management through automation through EQSS by bringing together improved data flow along the whole supply chain and better monitoring quality at all stages – from product concept to store.

Utilizing this online, cloud-based system will enable businesses to improve quality, shorten time to market, overcome potential stoppages, and increase efficiency and profitability. The Extended Quality and Sourcing Solution (EQSS) will allow retailers and brands to strongly upgrade their quality control process and shift from end of production control to risk based quality assurance starting at product conception. EQSS encourages transparency and collaboration with all stake holders in the whole supply chain, resulting in risk mitigation and a network of qualified suppliers throughout the extended supply chain.

SGS developed the Extended Quality and Sourcing Solution (EQSS) which was designed based on market needs as well as input and feedback from major retailers and brands within the industry. EQSS was developed to increase profits by delivering on-time and on-trend products by cutting lead times, unifying workflow, improving product quality and scaling sourcing operations throughout Asia and emerging markets.

Planning for goods that will be in stores twelve months from today is no longer a must. With an appropriate sourcing management tool, time lines can be shortened by 25% or more. Traditional supply chain processes can be boosted to meet consumer demand for innovative and fashion products at a faster rate. "The volume of data, documents and spreadsheets needed to manage the "day to day" quality process remains a huge challenge for all organizations. There's an unbelievable waste of time due to missed communications: emails lost in overloaded mailboxes, stakeholders not in the communication loop, staff turnover, time zone difference, are just a few of the many issues that are likely creating a backlog. Our objective was to put our operational experience, working with 99% of major global retailers and brands, into the development of an innovative solution that is efficient, has the capacity to be much more responsive to market changes and can still ensure that quality is under strict control at all stages of production." says Charles Ly-Wa-Hoi, Vice President of SGS Global Retail Solutions.

Interactive, transparent, and easy to use retail sourcing solutions are the future of quality sourcing and are at the heart of Extended Quality and Sourcing Solution (EQSS).

For further information, please contact:

Stephanie Meyer-Pionchon
Global Marketing Manager
t: +33 4 42 61 64 46

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Updated: April 28, 2020