Building on the already successful source to store supply chain transparency solution, Transparency-One, in partnership with Microsoft, heightens supply chain data security with the introduction of blockchain services.


Transparency-One enables companies to discover, analyze, and monitor all suppliers, components, and facilities in the entire supply chain. The addition of blockchain services means customers can add an additional layer of security to their data by storing the critical supply chain information captured in Transparency-One in Microsoft Azure's Blockchain Services.

Data security

This innovation increases the security of the data stored in Transparency-One by creating a ledger of all transactions between supply chain partners, and making it immutable. With this technology, all transactions, including any updates or modifications, are immediately recorded and stored in the blockchain. Data can then be accessed by designated supply chain partners, providing full transparency at each step of the supply chain.

How does it work?

Transparency-One blockchain users achieve an additional layer of data protection by adding their supply chain data to an Ethereum blockchain. With a single click, complete supply chain information is permanently recorded in the blockchain.

Ensuring data integrity

While blockchain technology provides a record of all supply chain changes, additional measures are needed to guarantee data accuracy. Transparency-One's partnership with SGS provides validation services to ensure the quality, integrity, and security of supply chain data.

As part of the Transparency-One service, SGS verifies the information entered into the platform via integration with its own databases and its supplier onboarding team. Any declared supplier certifications are verified by an SGS team, then tagged. Once data is verified and tagged, it can no longer be changed by the supplier; any subsequent changes are stored as additional transactions in the blockchain, providing full traceability of the changes. This integration provides Transparency-One users with supply chain data that is 100% secure and accurate.

"Blockchain is a powerful technology that can play an integral role in helping businesses achieve end-to-end supply chain transparency, in any industry," said Frédéric Daniel, Chief Technology Officer of Transparency-One. "Transparency-One maps the complete supply chain down to the raw material, and blockchain ensures that every step of the process is permanently recorded, providing an even higher level of data security." 

"Blockchain is a transformational technology with the ability to significantly reduce the friction of doing business and transform supply chain solutions," said ShiSh Shridhar, Microsoft Worldwide Retail Industry Solutions Director. "Transparency-One's value proposition to map the entire supply chain, track compliance, and provide analytics to proactively manage business risks, combined with the Microsoft Azure's Blockchain Services, will enable organizations to ensure the security and integrity of supply chain data."

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Guy Escarfail
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