SGS has published the first issue of Quality Insights, a thought leadership publication, featuring articles on industry trends across multiple industries.


Quality Insights is a quarterly publication, it highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by many industry segments. To ensure quality and accuracy, all articles are authored by industry and technical experts.

The first issue focuses on multiples industries, including:


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are the world’s most commonly used standards for quality management and environmental management systems. With the 2018 deadline for implementation of the new versions looming, learn more about the benefits and how you can transition with ease.

In November, the draft for ISO 45001 was released for review and will replace OHSAS 18001. Learn about the changes and benefits of the new standard.

Corporate Training

There is a dilemma at the heart of modern business: employees need to be kept up to speed on developments in technology, standards and regulations, and yet only one percent of the working week is devoted to training. We explore how companies can undertake effective staff development in today’s business culture.

Travel & Hospitality

Online reviews of the hotel industry have grown exponentially. In today’s digital world, the impact of one negative review can affect an entire brand’s reputation. We discuss the historical impact of this trend and future implications for hoteliers.

Timber, Paper & Forestry

Consumers and authorities want to know the wood in their products does not originate from a warzone or illegal sources. We discuss the impact and significance of proper verification and origin of timber and paper products.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are an increasing problem in an online world. SGS experts look at some of the main threats affecting businesses and private citizens.

Medical Devices

With the new release of the Medical Devices Single Audit Program, many manufactures are in line to transition to the new program. We highlight the structure of the program, as well as key benefits.

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