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SGS’s art services team has been filmed as part of a new television documentary series, “The Sense of Beauty”.

SGS allowed Kepach Productions access to its art laboratory in Geneva Freeport, to show how cutting-edge technology is being used to protect artworks, identify paintings, see their development and, in some cases, recognize counterfeit works.

The shoot focused on recent work undertaken on a painting, “The Paysage”, by renowned Belgian painter, René Guiette. During SGS’s scientific examinations of the painting, it was discovered that Guiette had re-used the canvas of an earlier painting. High-resolution digital X-radiogram images of “The Paysage”, revealed a previously lost Cubist painting, also by René Guiette. Until this point, the lost painting had only been known from contemporary photographs.

The mystery of the lost Cubist painting was solved when art conservation scientists used high resolution technical imaging equipment to assess the current level of preservation of the painting as part of a Condition Report. SGS’s experts use cutting-edge techniques, such as infrared reflectography and digital X-ray radiography, to look at all aspects of a canvas, including what has been over-painted.

SGS’s Art Services expert, Yan Walther; Senior Conservation Scientist, Valeria Ciocan; and Conservation Scientist, Marta Felix Campos, were all interviewed for the production, which was directed by Massimo Brega. Valeria acknowledged that this was a unique opportunity for SGS to show the world how science is widening the horizons of art appreciation. Ordinarily, all work undertaken by SGS’s art services team is conducted in confidence, with the results only being shown to the owner. On this occasion, however, the work on “The Paysage” could be shown on television, thanks to the generosity of owner, Manou de Kerchove D’Ousselghem.

“The Sense of Beauty” will be broadcast on Italian TV channel RAI 5 starting November, 2017. Presented by Dominic Frisby, this six-part series looks at different answers to the question, ‘What is Beauty?’ and SGS will appear in episode 5 on December 15 at 9:15 pm.

To accompany this event, SGS Art Services has produced a short making-of film.

View a trailer for the series “The Sense of Beauty” >

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Stephanie Meyer-Pionchon
Global Marketing Manager, Art Services
t: +33 4 42 61 64 46

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