SGS has invested in a new agriculture testing center utilising a greenhouse and phytotrons planned as walk-in rooms, to enable customers to achieve quick registration and approval of compounds and products.


Changes in regulations, agriculture politics in Europe and new strategies for comprehensive testing in the chemical and agro industry will lead to increasing demand for testing.

New developments require a detailed set of field trials as well as testing under controlled and protected conditions in folia tunnels, green houses and in cool and climate chambers.

Extrapolation from artificial systems to a complex natural system in the field supports complex trial set-ups.

To meet this demand, in Emstek, Germany we have invested in a dedicated testing facility to deliver product testing and testing support for research and development. It incorporates state of the art facilities including:

  • Two phytotrons – two walk-in rooms with LED lighting allow the testing of plants within a fully controllable environment. Temperature and light density are validated and can be adjusted to ensure compliance with even the strictest requirements of testing guidelines
  • Two cool chambers – two cool chambers have been installed to support plant growth/infestation at lower temperatures as well as seed storage in stability studies
  • Research and development greenhouse – split into three equal zones with lighting and heating. This modern greenhouse is a Venlo construction covered with Alltop panels (PMMA) which allow high permeability of the UV-A + B light spectrum
  • Laboratory spray equipment (Schachtner Research Track Sprayer) for precise product application of samples on glass plates, petri dishes and potted plants can be treated

The Emstek facilities are already GLP and GEP accredited.

SGS services

Services performed in open field trials, greenhouses, cool- and climate chambers allow diverse testing, including:

  • Efficacy and selectivity
  • Damping-off
  • Chemical biopesticides and pesticides
  • Screening
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicide resistance
  • GLP residue testing (related to greenhouses)
  • Eco-toxicological (OECD 208 /OECD 227)

As a well-established and highly competent service provider and with the latest technology and equipment, we can conduct all types of trials both quickly and accurately.

For further information, please contact:

Christa Gerling
Field Trial Services
m: +49 152 01519670

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