Safety Testing Automation Systems (STAS) allow for increased automation of product testing procedures, which in turn provide significant improvements in the efficiency and quality of lab testing.


As an integrated system, STAS enables manufacturers and testing and certification organizations to conduct tests and record test data automatically. It is increasingly becoming the preferred approach to safety testing in the high-tech industry.

Benefits of STAS

Testing automation provides a range of benefits compared to traditional testing methods:

  • Improved quality of test results through minimizing or even eliminating manual operation/monitoring/recording of safety tests
  • Improved Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) ratings through the elimination of manual handling of dangerous products and automated operation of test procedures
  • Optimized equipment utilization that leads to increased testing capacity and productivity
  • Digitized test data available for further analysis and utilization

To take advantage of the improved efficiency of automated testing, SGS has already deployed STAS platforms in its safety testing labs in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Finland.

STAS Collaboration with HIKVISION

In order to improve testing efficiency and build on the excellent collaboration with this long-term client, SGS has deployed STAS in HIKVISION’s own safety testing lab and helped with its accreditation as a ICEE Customer Testing Facility (CTF 2) lab. Located in the Hangzhou IoT Scientific Park, HIKVISION is China’s leading video surveillance product supplier.

With HIKVISION’s own EMC & Safety lab geared towards R&D tasks and internal quality control, the company has been relying on SGS for Safety, EMC/RF, ITA and RSTS testing and certification for years.

This long-term cooperation has recently been strengthened through the deployment of SGS’s STAS platform to HIKVISION’s lab. On May 23, 2017, SGS and HIKVISION signed a partnership that establishes the “SGS-HIKVISION Joint Lab”. The Joint Lab located at HIKVISION’s premises is aiming to increase the client’s efficiency with regards to product testing and certification, to support the research and development of new testing technologies, provide training and technical support on the client side, and over time, devise further lab improvements.

In order to improve on-location testing efficiency and streamline its testing and certification work-flow, HIKVISION expressed a strong interest and willingness to have the STAS platform deployed to their lab. SGS has committed to further supporting HIKVISION with the development of additional automation solutions for new IoT products.

As part of the deployment of the STAS platform, SGS has accredited HIKVISION’s lab as a Stage 2 Customer Testing Facilitate (CTF), in accordance to the IECEE CB-Scheme.

Currently, there are four distinct STAS platforms running in the HIKVISION lab. As part of the testing & certification process, the automated safety tests are supervised by qualified HIKVISION engineers, in accordance with an approved test plan. Test data is then sent to SGS for the creation of test report and for certification.

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For further information on how STAS solutions could be integrated in your business processes, please contact:

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