Globally, consumers are becoming savvier when it comes to the items they put into their shopping baskets. Forward-thinking retailers need to be aware that customers now demand credible assurances regarding the quality and origin of their purchases.


Launched by Carrefour and SGS on July 1, 2017, as part of China’s National Food Safety Week, the Visual Trust Initiative demonstrates how technology can be utilized to enhance the shopper’s experience and fulfil consumer demands1.

Unveiled in the presence of government officials, business associations, large retailers and the media, the Visual Trust Initiative is an end-to-end digital solution that allows Chinese shoppers to use their smartphones to access data concerning their chosen product’s quality and origin. By simply scanning the product, consumers can access quality certificates, test results, locations and pictures of farms, as well as nutritional advice.

Developed by SGS2, with technology partners Transparency-One3 and Blippar4, this unique shopping experience gives consumers full supply chain transparency from farm to fork. As the world’s leading testing, inspection and accreditation provider, SGS provides credible information on certifications, including data on sustainability. 

Utilizing Transparency-One’s B2B platform, retailers and brand owners can access accurate global supply chain data including key product, supplier, and facility information, as well as analytics and geomaps. Finally, Blippar technology allows consumers to access this data in the shop. By leveraging advanced image recognition and computer vision, shoppers will simply scan their products to access relevant data, building consumer trust and enhancing the customer experience.

With the launch of the Visual Trust Initiative in China, Carrefour has set the standard for product transparency, which other retailers must follow. As the first global retailer to use this technology to enhance the consumer experience, it has taken the first step towards providing the answers modern customers demand, giving them full supply chain transparency from farm to fork. 

For more information, please contact:

Georges Le Nigen
SGS Transparency-One 
Global Sales Manager
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1 Carrefour and SGS Launch Visual Trust in China
2 SGS Transparency-One