Following inspections of SGS’s field trial stations in Varna, Plovdiv and Ruse in September 2017, the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture has awarded a ten-year extension to our certification for Good Experimental Practices (GEP).


SGS began contract research operations in Bulgaria in 2012, receiving immediate GEP certification. Accreditation allowed SGS in Bulgaria to conduct research into most forms of pesticide and plant growth regulator, and many types of crop, including arable, fruits and vegetables.

Initially, SGS established field stations in Varna and Plovdiv but these were joined in 2017 by a new facility in Ruse. The combination of these three sites allows SGS to provide complete coverage of the main crop growing regions of Bulgaria. The successful recertification of these three sites for a period of ten-years, is testament to the quality and efficacy of their work. The extended GEP certification covers field trials for arable, perennial, vegetable and greenhouse crops.

Working with SGS

Our agricultural experts in Bulgaria offer a wide-range of services, including demonstration trials and field trials for efficacy and product comparison. Our experienced team of field trial technicians and principle investigators use state-of-the-art spraying equipment and reporting tools (ARM2017) to deliver results that are accurate, effective and on time.

Our Varna site also houses a microbial laboratory which can support the needs for inoculum in seed treatment trials. In addition, the facility undertakes field mapping, soil sampling and analysis for SGS’s precision farming services, supporting work on variable rate treatments for fields and/or crops.

Finally, our Bulgarian research facilities provide support for pan-European Union field trials, in addition to offering a full-range of services for the domestic agricultural market.

Part of a Global Network

Our Bulgarian field stations are part of a global network of agricultural support facilities situated in 28 countries. We operate state-of-the-art testing and research centers, including eight GLP laboratories for residue, ecotox and physical/chemical testing, helping to bring new innovations and technologies in crop protection and seeds to farmers.

For further information, please contact:

Radoslav Tsviatkov 
Field Trials Services Manager 
t: +359 52 35 80 80

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