Global markets are now being affected more than ever by the demand for environmentally friendly consumer products.


Consumers look for products that can demonstrate a reduction in the use of hazardous substances, improved resource and energy efficiency, and which are more easily recycled.

Until now, TV companies have relied upon eco-friendly certification schemes which are country-specific or are safety defined. In today’s market, however, global manufacturers require a dedicated global solution.

LG Display OLED Display Module

During development of its OLED display module for televisions, LG Display chose to work with SGS to develop an applicable eco-certification scheme. The program needed to examine a television’s green credentials by looking at how it reduced harmful substance use, enhanced resource and energy efficiency and improves recyclability. The scheme needed to be global in scale to reflect the potential market and be demonstrably independent.

Following the development of the OLED TV display module, LG Display applied for and received the first SGS Eco Product Certification. LG Display could show its OLED technology actively eliminated parts containing hazardous substances. (Such as Cd, InP etc.). In addition, LG Display removed the backlight and replaced it with a self-luminous display, helping designers achieve a lightweight and slim design, that used less parts and attained greater resource efficiency and recycle rates.

SsangSoo Lee, Vice president of Fundamental Technology Research Division, said, "This certification has elevated the eco-friendly leadership of the products of LG display in the face of increased market demand for environmentally friendly products and environmental regulations on product. We will continue to make efforts to improve environment-friendliness.”

SGS Solutions: SGS Eco Product Certification

SGS Eco Product Certification program helps television manufacturers demonstrate their products environmentally friendly features. As the world’s largest tester and certifier of environmentally friendly products, SGS has the experience to create a scheme which is recognized and trusted, around the world.

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