With growth predicted, strong customer recognition and several thousand trial plots to harvest, SGS in Poland has invested in new precision equipment to support its field trial research teams. This new harvester adds to the fleet of precision farming equipment in Poland where SGS already operates three plot combine harvesters.


Specifically designed for field trials, the Haldrup Combine can harvest a wide range of crops, including cereals, oil seed rape, peas and beans. Using onboard software package, ‘Harvest Manager’, the Haldrup Combine will assess quality parameters, such as moisture content and hectoliter weight, during the harvesting process. SGS technicians use this on-the-spot data to create more efficient working procedures, allowing rapid delivery of contract research results.

The Haldrup Combine is also portable, making it ideal for SGS’s Polish field trial operations. Centered around four field stations, all field trial sites are closely monitored, well-irrigated and fenced. Agricultural stakeholders can be assured that, by working with SGS, their contract research will be completed under the strictest and safest testing conditions.

SGS’s field stations are accredited to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and/or Good Efficacy Trials (GEP) and, in addition to running field trials, also operate several laboratory services. These include inoculum preparation, phytopathological diagnosis, seed treatment and each site has greenhouses for early phase testing and testing under controlled conditions.

Poland offers ideal opportunities for agricultural research. It has a very diverse climate, from the northeast, which replicates the Baltic States, through the moderate central region, to the drier and warmer south. This diversity impacts heavily on farming, crops and harvesting, making it the ideal country for agricultural field trials.

SGS’s four Polish sites cover the full range of climatic conditions, allowing greater variety in the types of trials that can be undertaken. As part of SGS’s EU Network, these sites in Poland also support pan-EU trial programs.

SGS is committed to providing the agricultural industry with high quality trial sites, furnished with state-of-the-art precision equipment. SGS’s continued investment in sites and equipment allows our experts to deliver accurate results with greater efficiency, making SGS the first choice for agricultural contract research in Poland.

For further information, please contact:

Maciej Krawczuk
Field Trials Services Manager
m: +48 691 767 161

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