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The new RED directive, effective June 13 2017, includes three new standards for broadcast sound and video receiver equipment (EN 303 345, EN 303 340, EN 303 372-2).

Following the new RED directive (2014/53/EU), which came into effect on June 13 2017, broadcast sound or video receivers with FM/AM/DAB/DVB functions fall within its scope. As such, all FM/AM/DAB radio receivers, DVB TV receiver and set top boxes must meet the RED requirements if they are to be sold in the EU.

Three new standards were published, specifically for these types of product:

  • EN 303 340 was published on June 30 2017, for TV sets or set top boxes with DVB-T/T2 functions. It will become mandatory on June 30 2018
  • EN 303 372-2 was published on January 31 2017, for the TV sets or TV set top boxes with DVB-S/-S2 functions. It will become mandatory on January 31 2018
  • EN 303 345, for which a draft version was published on March 2017, relates to FM/AM/DAB receivers. It is still in draft status and is not listed in the RED Official Journal standard list

Businesses looking to develop new products in these categories should refer to the new standards (EN 303 345, EN 303 340, EN 303 372-2) in addition to the emissions test, and also consider performance tests,  including sensitivity, adjacent channel selectivity and blocking (for EN 303 345 and EN 303 340), as well as dynamic range and adjacent signal selectivity for EN 303 372-2.

According to the RED guidelines, before they are put on to the European market, products falling within the scope of EN 303 345 must receive a Type Examination Certificate from a Notified Body.


Deadlines for EN 303 345 will be listed in the Official Journal, including: EN 303 345: April 16, 2019.

SGS UK is a Notified Body. This means that SGS can provide Type Examination Certificates.

At SGS, our services enable you to deliver well-designed, functional, durable and safe products to you customers. We have the electrical and electronic industry regulatory and technical expertise to check your products’ compliance against relevant standards and/or your own specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or visit our website.

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