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The proposed Corded Window Coverings Regulations, issued under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA), was published in Part 1 of Canada Gazette dated June 17, 2017. This proposed regulation is currently out for review, with the deadline for comments and feedback being August 31, 2017.

On June 17, 2017, Health Canada proposed the new Corded Window Coverings Regulations under Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). The aim is to reduce the number of fatal strangulations associated with corded window coverings. These regulations would establish construction, performance and labelling requirements.

Health Canada believes these regulations are the next step in their effort to inform the public of the dangers inherent to these products. The public awareness campaign urges consumers to replace old products sooner than the full lifespan of the product, while remaining vigilant that many corded window covering products on the market today pose a risk of injury or death to young children.

The proposed regulations would:

  • restrict the length of cords that can be reached and the size of loops that can be created to help eliminate the risk of strangulation
  • require a warning on the product that states that the product should be disposed of if a long cord or large loop is ever exposed
  • require that any cord that can be reached must be too short to wrap around the neck of a one-year-old child’s neck (i.e. not more than 22 cm in length) or form a loop that can be pulled over a one-year-old child’s head (i.e. not more than 44 cm in perimeter)
  • require cords that cannot be reached to remain unreachable throughout the useful life of the product

Currently under a 75-day review period, from the date of publication, once a final regulation is published in Part II of the Canada Gazette, there will be a 6 months period to allow window coverings to comply with the final regulation [1].

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