SGS is expanding its drone-based inspection services by entering into a partnership with BAFA, the leading approved pilot training organisation in Belgium.

BAFA combines its experience as a training centre for professional pilots (and other parties) with expertise in aviation regulations and procedures.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), better known as drones, are changing the market for technical inspection. RPAS offers a fast and safe method for inspecting inaccessible or poorly accessible places, while providing extensive and valuable digital reports.

The partnership will enable SGS to provide a wide range of specialized RPAS inspection services.

Reduce risk with RPAS inspection

Drone-based inspections are safer and faster than manned inspections at height, in confined spaces and in dangerous situations. They are also able to perform well in complete darkness allowing easier inspection of installations and storage tanks. Inspections are safely performed by a qualified operator without causing interruption to business operations. Cameras and other detection devices will collect highly detailed data from the air, either for a one-time inspection or periodic check-ups, to monitor the health of your assets.

Multi-purpose recording technology

A variety of RPAS technology is available to conduct many different types of inspection. Visual inspection is carried out by high definition (HD) cameras which are able to zoom in on the slightest details. Infrared cameras are used to detect hot-air leaks which indicate poor insulation or a short circuit, while sensitive sniffers can be used to identify gas leaks. RPAS recordings are so precise they can be used to determine volume (stockpile measurement) or map large surfaces (mapping).

RPAS safely meets inspection standards

BAFA has a wide range of recording technologies and RPAS which are used by qualified personnel to collect large quantities of high-resolution data across Belgium. SGS specialises in analysing the information and converting it into a clear report that complies with legal requirements. The BAFA-SGS partnership guarantees that the entire drone-based inspection process meets all compliance standards - from risk analysis to arranging permits for the inspection to the final report.

Customised solutions for your business needs

SGS offers global expertise in inspection, analysis and certification, providing you with the best processes to deliver your business objectives. Our inspections utilise both new and traditional techniques to minimize disruption to your operations while collecting all the information you need to make informed decisions. Drone-based inspections are increasingly providing businesses with an efficient, cost-effective way of assessing assets.

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