In this issue of Hot Source we look at how Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) DNA analysis can be used to demonstrate the authenticity of food products and help the industry to fight back against economically motivated adulteration, better known as food fraud.


NGS also has a role to play in allergen management. However, in this issue we look beyond its powerful testing capabilities and turn the spotlight on how food service operators use allergen information in their day-to-day activity, with particular focus on the startling results of two recent food service operator audits conducted in Ireland and the USA.

The ongoing growth of sales and interest in gluten-free food products continues to challenge the industry to offer an increased range of goods and to verify their claims. Gluten-free definitions, guidance and regulations vary around the world, we look at a selection of the most renowned schemes and how gluten-free certification of products can benefit your business.

Earlier this year the US FDA updated its draft guidance to the industry for the control of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat foods. As part of FSMA, this guidance must be adhered to, we explore the background, testing requirements and programmes.

Improving visibility in the food supply chain, Mars Food has partnered with SGS and Transparency-One to achieve transparency along its UNCLE BEN’S® rice supply chain. Learn more about how Mars Food is improving sustainability through innovative use of supply chain tracking, image recognition and smart devices.

Ensuring food safety doesn’t start at the processors door, but on the farm. We look at the role feed certification plays in ensuring animal feeds are safe and appropriate for the livestock in your supply chain, as well as how feed certification enables the sale of food production by-products back into the feed production chain.

In Canada, we’ve recently acquired a new food and agriculture testing lab in Mississauga offering microbiology and chemistry testing.

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