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Textile standard FZ/T 73010-2016 Knitted Sweater Workmanship has been approved and issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. The standard was implemented on April 1, 2017. This updated version is based on and replaces FZ/T 73010-2008 Knitted Sweater Workmanship. The standard is used to identify the quality of workmanship in knitted sweaters made of, blended or interlaced with cotton, bast fibers, silk and chemical fibers. It is not applicable to infant clothing below 36 months.

The application scope and product classification were adjusted in the new version of the standard. The significant technical updates are summarized in the table below:

Item FZ/T 73010-2016 FZ/T 73010-2008
Application Scope
  • Added “The standard is not applicable to infant clothing below 36 months.”
Product Classification
  • By braided structure, the product can be divided to jersey, hollow mesh and lace, etc.
  • By degree of tightness, the product can be divided into strait structure, loose structure and normal structure.
  • By braided structure, the product can be divided to jersey knits, hollow out jacquard knits, lace knits and loose knits.
Product Specification or Size
  • Normal structure: product is specified by chest size in cm. Product size follows GB/T 6411 or GB/T 1335 requirements.
  • Strait or special structure: product is specified by chest size range in cm. For example, 95-105 means the sweater is suitable for a body with chest sizes ranging from 95cm to 105 cm. Product is sized by height and chest size range. For example, 155-165/80-90 means the product is suitable for a person of 155 cm to 165 cm in height and with a chest size between 80cm to 90cm.
  • Specified by chest size in cm. If made of elastic fibers or special structure, specified by chest size range in cm. For example, 95-105 means it’s suitable for a body with chest sizes ranging from 95cm to 105 cm.
Instructions for Use
  • Follow GB 5296.4a
  • Safety symbols should follow GB 18401 Category B or C based on the type of product.
  • Follow GB 5296.4
  • Safety symbols should follow GB 18401 Category B
  • Follow GB 18401 requirements
  • ≤75 mg/kg
  • Follow GB 18401 requirements
  • 4.0-7.5
Pilling resistance
  • First Class: Grade 3
  • Only test the front of the product. Products that have sanding, raising and flocking on the front are exempt. Hollow mesh and lace structures are exempt.
  • First Class: Grade 3.5
  • Only test single or double face knits.
Bursting Strength/N
  • ≥250
  • Elastic, hollow mesh and lace are exempt
  • No requirements
Wet Rubbing Fastness/Grade
  • High class:3-4 (deep color 3)
  • First class: 3 (deep color 2-3)
  • Qualified grade: 2-3(deep color 2)
  • Highclass:3
  • First class: 2-3
  • Qualified grade: 2-3 (deep color 2)
Color Fastness for Textile Accessories
  • Color fastness to washing is the same as main fabric.
  • Color fastness to water, perspiration and rubbing follow GB 18401 requirements.
  • No requirements
Appearance after Hand Washing
  • Significant distortion or appearance changes are not allowed. Accessories should not fall off or corrode. Color Change≥4.
  • No requirements
Dimensional Stability after Washing
  • Hollow mesh, lace and loose structures are exempt. Elastic knits are exempt in the weft direction.
  • Hollow mesh, lace, loose structure, elastic products and whorl structure are exempt.
a GB 5296.4 was transformed to recommendatory standard GB/T 5296.4 on March 23, 2017.

Since the new version of the standard is currently effective, companies should update the instructions for use of their products accordingly and follow the technical requirements in the new standard in order to legally sell their products in the China market.

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