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A new version of the European EN 581-1 Outdoor Seat and Table Standard has been published and includes several revisions.

BS EN 581-1:2017 was published on March 17, 2017, and supersedes the 2006 version.

Compared to the 2006 version, the main revisions are:

  • Clearer indication that the standard is for adult use only

  • Definition of camping, domestic and contract use is now part of the body text - taken from Annex B in the previous version

  • Accessible parts for seating and tables are defined and must be taken into account when assessing edges and corners

  • Risk of finger injuries, in the end of tubular components, have been taken into consideration and requirements for gaps and holes removed

  • Concerning shear and squeeze point, it has been specified that adjustment of the product can be considered as not presenting any risk to the user, as they can control their own movements

  • The term “hazard”, for shear and squeeze points under the weight of the user, has been replaced with “risk of injuries” to clarify that some shear and squeeze points may not be a risk to the user and may be acceptable after risk analysis

  • Requirements for protection against staining of lubricant in normal use

  • Clearer specification that the load used in the assessment should be harmonized with other parts of EN 581

EN 581-1:2017 replaces EN 581-1:2006 with immediate effect. European countries are required to publish the new standard and withdrawn the previous 2006 version by September 30, 2017.

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