SGS has enhanced its furniture testing facility at Aix en Provence to meet recently upgraded European Standards and current manufacturing demands.

The Aix en Provence laboratory is fully accredited and offers a one-stop solution for manufacturers seeking to check regulatory compliance and fitness for use (FFU) requirements.
In 2016, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) updated the standard for domestic storage furniture – EN 14749 – to include several new requirements, including new stability tests. This standard, along with non-domestic storage furniture standard EN 16121, covering items such as educational bookcases, hospital cabinets, and hotel wardrobes, requires testing and verification service providers to execute a comprehensive set of evaluations to ensure compliance with these demanding standards and confirm the products are ‘fit-for-use’ (FFU). 
The bathroom and kitchen furniture market in Europe has always been profitable for manufacturers. Because it is competitive, more and more companies are looking to offer extended ten-year warranties with their products and this requires more demanding testing of products to ensure quality
SGS’s furniture laboratory at Aix en Provence has recently upgraded several pieces of equipment and received accreditation to provide the full-range of testing capabilities for both domestic and non-domestic storage furniture. Recent additions include apparatus to test door and drawer fatigue, the specific load weights of furniture, and a hanging wall to test hanging storage furniture. For example, furniture is tested to a limit of 20,000 cycles, or to at least 100,000 cycles for heavy use equipment. SGS is now able to complete these tests. 

SGS’s Furniture Testing Services

SGS in Aix en Provence offers a one-stop solution for all furniture testing. Fully accredited by Cofrac, SGS can perform a full set of FFU tests - from furniture assembly, through door and drawer opening testing, to comprehensive testing of electrical parts and finishing testing.  Conveniently located in South-east France for easy access by French, Spanish and Italian furniture manufacturers, SGS at Aix en Provence provides the perfect solution for businesses wanting to check FFU before issuing extended warranties and confirm compliance against the new CEN standards.
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