SGS has announced its first furniture seminar topic for 2017 – EN 581-1 Outdoor Furniture — seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use — General safety requirements.

Currently undergoing revision, the new standard is expected to be published in January 2017.

This will be just one of several subjects which will be covered during the global 2017 series. Starting with seminars in China, SGS will draw upon its worldwide resource of dedicated laboratories and expertise to provide up-to-date information and advice on the factors affecting all major furniture markets. The 2017 series is expected to include a presentation on the GS mark for the German market and, once SGS’s new state-of-the-art laboratory is opened in India, a seminar on standardization. SGS’s furniture seminars will help stakeholders around the globe understand changes to regulations and standards and see how they affect their businesses.

The announcement of SGS’s furniture seminar series for 2017 follows the success of 2016’s presentations. With SGS’s commitment to providing the highest levels of service to its customers and an unparalleled global reach, SGS was able to hold seminars across Europe and Asia in 2016, supporting stakeholders looking to access European and global markets.

2016 SGS Furniture Seminars: A Success in France, Vietnam and China

2016’s seminar season began in Paris in early January with a seminar looking at a wide range of topics, including: the evolution of the standards EN 747 and EN 14749, REACH, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and NF D61062, a standard relating to deckchairs. A similar seminar was then held in late January in Vietnam, where the latter topic – the standard relating to deckchairs – was of particular interest to many attendees because, as was noted at the conference, Vietnam is now the primary producer of wooden deckchairs for the French market.

SGS continues to have strong ties with manufacturers in China and in 2016 several seminars were organized to help stakeholders successfully access international markets. With SGS’s unequalled understanding of the regulations that govern global markets, we could provide Chinese businesses with clear insights into the revisions regarding EN 581-2 and help clarify the differences between EN 12520 and EN 1335 – currently a hot topic for those marketing to Spain.

Finally, the 2016 seminar series closed in Aix en Provence, France, with as seminar looking at storage furniture standard EN 14749 and national standards pertaining to durability. In addition, SGS’s experts touched upon the subjects of REACH, electrical regulations for furniture and performance testing of products.

Lead by globally recognized experts in furniture manufacture regulation and compliance, SGS seminars give attendees up-to-date information on regulations and practical advice on how this will affect their business.

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