On December 9, 2016, SGS held an inauguration ceremony for its first motor vehicle inspection station in Kawanda, north of Kampala, in Uganda.

The station began inspection operations on November 28 under the Safe Drive Uganda program, a mandatory vehicle inspection services (MVIS) program dedicated to improving safety in Uganda by compelling motor vehicle owners and drivers to ensure that their vehicles are safe and well maintained.

This is the first of many state-of-the-art inspection stations that SGS will be installing and operating in Uganda. Vehicles at these stations will be subject to detailed inspections of systems and items that directly or indirectly influence the safety of the vehicle’s owner and passengers, as well as the safety of pedestrians and other road users. Inspections will not only improve road safety in Uganda, but will also help with environmental conservation, as vehicle emissions, a main source of air pollution, will be tested.

The event was moderated by the Secretary of the National Road Safety Council and was presided over by the Minister of State for Transport. The Director of Transport represented the permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works and Transport at the ceremony.

The Ministry’s representative said that the inspection station represents the type of public-private partnership that the government needs, and that Uganda looks forward to future investment from SGS.

Or visit Safe Drive Uganda page.

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Country Manager
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