With demand for GLP services on the increase, SGS has expanded the scope of its GLP offering with the introduction of new services and the installation of cutting-edge testing equipment.

During the last few years, our laboratory in Brookings, South Dakota, has seen a significant increase in the number of requests for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) services. At the same time, regulatory bodies are demanding greater accuracy in the results submitted to them and companies are developing new active ingredients using cutting-edge technology.

To facilitate expansion of our analytical and GLP instrumentation capabilities, we have installed a Sciex 6500+ Triple Quadrapole Mass Spectrometer in Brookings. The latest incarnation of the Sciex mass spectrometer, this machine offers previously unreachable levels of detection, matched with unparalleled diagnostic and accurate analysis of compounds, including pesticides, mycotoxins and antibiotics. In addition to the Sciex 6500+, we have also installed a robust set of multiple LC-MS/MS and HPLC and GC/MSD instruments.

New Active Agents

With businesses developing new active agents, they will require third party laboratories that can provide the highest level of service, using equipment which has the same level of capability as their own. This recent investment allows our Brookings laboratory to ensure reproducible results, to higher levels of accuracy, which ultimately aids clients in their compound development process.

Best in Class

Chris Skaggs, GLP Manager at SGS in Brookings, believes the growth they have seen is not only related to investment in cutting edge technology and delivering best in class service:

“The growth that we’ve experienced over the last few years comes not only from an increased exposure into the GLP market, but from continually developing relationships with our clients. In this industry, technical ability and compliance gets you a client’s study, but trust gets you a customer for life.”

It is this attitude towards customer relations, along with SGS’s constant progression in technology and service, which has allowed SGS in Brookings to see significant growth in the GLP market.

GLP Analyses

Our laboratory in Brookings already offers a wide variety of analysis that adhere to GLP standards and regulations, including: pesticide residue testing, DNA/protein characterization, compositional analysis, seed treatment and verification, seed germination, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis. In addition, we can also offer method development services, validation services, dust off testing for seeds and study directorship across all GLP departments.

When your company requires testing on a product, either for research or marketing applications, it is important for the regulatory authorities to be assured the data they see accurately reflects the test results and can be fully relied upon for risk or safety analysis. SGS’s Brookings analytical facility has also undergone numerous successful governmental and third-party client audits.

For more information, please contact:

Chris Skaggs
GLP Technical & Development Manager 
t: (605) 692-7611, x298