Ever ready to improve and expand on our services, SGS has setup the Heubach dustmeter for treated seeds.

This enables our team of technical experts to provide a full support service for seed treatment (germination and dust measurement, and active ingredients analysis) for local and global customers.

What Does The Heubach Dustmeter Do?

Used to measure dust generated from treated seeds, or other solid formulations, under mechanical stress conditions, the Heubach dustmeter reproduces the handling conditions of samples in factories or in the field and measures the quantities of dust generated. The mechanical stress is induced by rotation of a chamber containing the sample and dust is collected on a filter by passing air through the chamber.

Optimizing Processes

The installation of the Heubach dustmeter means we can now help seed treatment manufacturers optimize and improve the safety of their processes. The apparatus plays an important role in production quality control, quantifying the levels of toxic dust emitted by treated seeds during manufacturing or during their field utilization. Based on the test data, seed treatments can be improved to reduce toxicity and emission levels.

SGS Seed Services

SGS offers a full service package for treated seeds; active ingredient determination, germination testing and now Heubach testing. We can also offer dust characterization, by analyzing active ingredients in the Heubach test filters. In addition to treated seeds, the Heubach dustmeter can be very useful for animal feed producers, in producing very low dusting additives formulations.

At SGS we have established a high level of technical support for customers, and our laboratory in Rouen, France, is recognized as a leader in the seed treatment market. Experienced teams deliver the highest standards of performance for all technical aspects of seed testing, research and development and in production units, and are able to propose a customized approach for every client. The new capability in France extends our global offering in seed treatment services including laboratories in US, UK, China and India.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Nicolas Pissot
Analytical Services Manager
t: +33 (0) 23 507 91 03

Paul Garrigue
GLP Studies Coordinator
m: +33(0) 6 10 86 86 24