The Australian Open Tennis tournament was held in Melbourne in January 2016. At this tournament over 65,000 meals were sold to those attending.

An SGS client who provides food management services was the provider for the delivery of meals at the Australian Open. Our client worked very closely with us in the development of a program specifically for this event, where SGS services were utilised in ensuring that food facilities within the event were conforming to the company’s procedures and food safety laws.

The scope of work included: 

  • Food Safety record review, temperature monitoring
  • Kitchen/outlet set up (pre-production) and operational readiness
  • Cleanliness/hygiene standards and chemical handling
  • Staff personal hygiene amenities, hand washing
  • Product storage, rotation and handling
  • OH&S audits ensuring safe systems of work
  • Completion of workplace inspections
  • Investigation as required of food or OHS related incidents
  • To facilitate a Melbourne council walk through and inspections in conjunction with relevant department representatives
  • Daily debriefs and summary report of event

The assigned audit team conducted process-based audits throughout the event, focusing on significant aspects, risks and objectives required by the relative standard(s) and procedures. The audit methods used were interviews, observation of activities and review of documentation and records.

The auditors used iPads to access a customized checklist which was specifically developed for the program. Auditors were able to add notes and take photos of records as evidence of verification during the audits. The whole audit time was also monitored. This application allowed the client to constantly monitor the program throughout the Australian Open, enabling them to run reports, view audit reports and understand systemic issues that may have resulted in food or OHS issues.

During the event the client’s employees were very co-operative and open to suggestions made by SGS, they also efficiently dealt with any issues highlighted by the audit team.

There were minimal complaints made about food safety during the event, which is testament to the dedication of the client’s employees in producing a safe, quality product for the patrons attending.

The SGS audit team concluded that the organization had established and maintained its Food Safety Management System in line with the requirements of the standard, and demonstrated the ability of the system to systematically achieve the requirements for products or services within the scope of the organization’s policies and objectives.