SGS has launched the media focused certification service: ISAS BCP 9001 certification, and issued its first certificate to the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), the first media organization in Thailand to achieve certification against this new standard.

ISAS BCP 9001 was developed and is promoted by the Geneva-based Media and Society Foundation (MSF) in response to broadcasters’ demand for independent evaluation and recognition of their quality-management system. It is a quality management Standard inspired by ISO 9001 and dedicated to media industries (TV, radio, print media, Internet). The Standard deals with the management system in place in the company, not directly with the product (program or article). Designed by journalists, media professionals and experts from all parts of the world, ISAS BCP 9001 consists of a set of 23 necessary requirements to guarantee the quality and efficiency of quality management within a media company.

Accredited by the MSF as a certification body for providing the ISAS BCP 9001 certification service, SGS, the world leading certification service provider, can provide ISAS BCP 9001 Quality Management Standard certification services to media industries aiming to adopt a quality management system, and ensure that the organization is managed in such a way as to meet the highest quality standard.

Thai PBS became the first media company in Thailand to achieve certification to this new Standard after successfully completing the certification process. This included undertaking two rounds of audit; assessing company-wide certification readiness, including a document management system review to verify its compliance to requirements of the Standard; and assessing compliance with the specific requirements of the Standard.

At the certificate presentation ceremony, held in Bangkok on October 7, 2016, Mr. Jirote Na Nakorn, Managing Director of SGS (Thailand) Limited, presented the certificate to Mr. Krissada Raungarreerat, Thai PBS Director General. As well as explaining the benefits of being ISAS BCP 9001 certified, which include; developing stronger corporate identity; creating systematic and standardized work practices and environment; promoting the free flow of information essential for democracy; accommodating clients and stakeholders’ needs, Mr. Nakorn concluded by congratulating the organization on its achievement: “Thai PBS is the first and only media organization in Thailand that has achieved a certification to this media-focused Standard.”