SGS has been awarded accreditation, under the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS), for its Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) testing services.

This makes it the first existing commercial laboratory in Hong Kong to be able to offer HOKLAS certified testing on GM foods.

Ever since their introduction around 20 years ago, the safety of GM foods has been a hot topic for debate. Without a common consensus on the safety of GM foods, there has been no collective approach to regulation and labeling, meaning each market has drawn up its own sets of guidelines. It is important, for companies trading in these markets, to use independent experts to test their products before they export. The complexity of international regulations mean you need to partner with someone who has the global experience to test your products against the relevant standards of your target market.

SGS’s food testing services in Hong Kong use Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology to screen a wide variety of foods, including: soya seed, tofu, soya milk, maize seeds, tomato sauce, rice and seeds. Using this technology, SGS can detect GMO levels down to 0.1% (w/w), well below the EU minimum figure of 0.9% (w/w). Testing at SGS’s HOKLAS accredited facility in Hong Kong, will give you the confidence you need to trade with countries specifying GMO-free products.

HOKLAS, issued by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS), is based upon standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and contains both management system requirements and technical requirements. It is the latest accreditation to be awarded to SGS in Hong Kong. In addition to ISO 17025, the laboratory is also Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM) accredited, for food and drug testing, and Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) accredited, for food and food container testing.

Established in 1959, SGS’s food testing lab in Hong Kong is housed in a 4,300 sq. ft. laboratory. In addition to GMO screening, SGS’s dedicated food testing technicians, offer a full range of food testing services, including: identification and quantification; nutritional analysis and vitamin testing; microbiological testing; food chemical analysis; norovirus identification; shelf-life studies; food contaminant testing; along with complimentary services such as auditing, certification, training and technical services.

Hong Kong food companies needing GMO testing services, should contact SGS to discuss how the world’s leading verification, certification and testing organization, can help them safely and effectively access their target markets.

For further information contact:

Tony Chan 
Head, Food Department 
SGS Hong Kong 
t: + 852 2765 3635 

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