The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has been actively working, over the last eight years, with SPRING and industry partners to advocate business continuity management (BCM) and support the need for enterprises to be BCM-certified.

To sustain Singapore’s reputation as a trustworthy global hub for business, it is vital for the government to enhance the private sector’s readiness for crisis or disruption.

Business continuity management allows enterprises to provide a reliable and quality service, even during disruptions or crises. This gives them a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Several BCM programs have been launched and government funding is available upon application.

A seminar “Plan to be Future Ready, Today” organized by SBF on April 26, 2016 promoted the verifiable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) program and SGS Singapore was invited as one of the keynote speakers.

What is the verifiable BCP?

It refers to establishing a contingency plan to maintain business operations and reduce the impact of any level of disruption, or of any disasters encountered. Verifiable BCP is a program that helps companies to identify their potential risks and contingency measures, to enhance competency and sustainability in the business. 

Verifiable BCP is beneficial as it protect assets and business structures, reduces operational and financial impacts. It helps you to win trust from your business partners, with recognition for being reliable and sustainable. Companies who are not ready for full ISO 22301 BCM certification could take this up, as BCP is part of the full BCM certification project.

SGS Provides Quality Solutions For Your Business Continuity

SGS Singapore is the first, and leading, certification body to offer business continuity management systems with accreditation from Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC). We also provide the verification service that is essential in the report submission of the verifiable BCP program. SPRING Singapore offers a Capability Development Grant (CDG) to enterprises submitting their final project report and a verification report from a certification body that is either accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) or internationally-accredited for BCM ISO 22301:2012.

SGS Academy’s high quality training provides professional insights into a series of management systems and standards including BCM, with a range of training courses to cater for your needs.