SGS organized the official launch event for the new Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS) in Berne, attended by more than 400 participants, on August 23, at the Hotel Bellevue, Berne.

The SNBS 2.0 certification scheme is now officially available on the Swiss market and the standard can be downloaded from the website of the standard owner, NNBS.

Hosted by Elvira Bieri, Managing Director of SGS Switzerland, head of the SNBS certification body and, in that role, responsible for development of the standard version 2.0.The launch event heard from speakers including Switzerland’s Ministry of Energy (BFE), NNBS, Minergie, Coop, International Olympic Committee and SGS. This event launches the new Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS) as a new building certification product available on the Swiss market.

Conference meeting

Daniel Büchel, representative of the ministry of energy (BFE), started the official presentation part of the evening by thanking all partners involved in the development of the SNBS and pointing out that the development has reached a significant milestone by achieving certifiable status.

The network for sustainable construction, Switzerland (NNBS), which has given an exclusive license to SGS as a certification body, was represented by Martin Hitz, who explained the importance of a network covering the major companies on the Swiss market achieving such a significant milestone and thus further developing the sustainable building market in Switzerland.

Andreas Meyer Primavesi, Managing Director of Minergie presented an overview of the approach SGS and its partners took during the standard’s development, which also offers the possibility of certification against Minergie products.

Joelle Zimmerli, technical manager of the SNBS guided the audience through the modular approach of the certification scheme and the technical parameters of the standard, and two case studies were presented. The first, presented by Christine Clapasson and Claudio Casal showed the sustainable initiative of Coop, one of Switzerland’s major retail companies, which plans to certify one building against SNBS 2.0. In the second, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) presented its plans to build a new headquarters with a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability by having it SNBS certified.

Before starting the unofficial part of the evening, Elvira Bieri officially presented the first SNBS certificate to Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Green Property for their “Twist Again” project in Berne.

The event proved to be a big success, with more than 400 participants from various sectors and functions attending the launch event showing a great interest in this new standard for the Swiss market.

For more information visit SNBS.

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