Two SGS labs in India, at Chennai and Ahmedabad, have won approval from the country’s Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC).

This means they are allowed to generate data for the registration of pesticides and perform field trials services.

The CIBRC enforces India’s Insecticides Act (1968), ensuring that crops are protected against pests and diseases.

Newly approved by the CIBRC, SGS’s laboratories in Chennai and Ahmedabad, provide analytical testing facilities in relation to residue and persistence of pesticides. Additionally, the Ahmedabad facility is approved for biological products including soil micro-flora studies. This latter category covers all of the major genera of microbes (e.g. bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes).

The SGS lab in Chennai has extended the scope of its testing from physico-chemical properties, impurities, product equivalence and shelf life. It now performs testing with respect to residue studies as well as environmental fate studies. The robust set-up also includes storage stability tests and container content-compatibility testing in final products.

North To South, SGS Has It Covered

The geographical spread of the two SGS laboratories – with Ahmedabad in the north-west of the country and Chennai on the south-east coast – mirrors the extensive testing coverage on offer. These two factors make sample shipping much easier, and more convenient and cost-effective for multi-location residue studies.

The Chennai lab is associated with the field trial station at Hyderabad (Medchal), while the other facility is linked to a station in Ahmedabad itself. From these stations we can support the laboratory for persistence and residue trials.

In addition to the Hyderabad and Ahmedabad field trial stations, SGS has two temporary (seasonal) satellite stations Karnal and Kalyani. All four stations are capable of conducting pre-registration efficacy and performance field trials of agrochemicals and bio-pesticides on different crops.

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