In July 2016, SGS acquired a 15 percent stake in Agflow, a market intelligence platform headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

SGS’s market research studies will enrich the AgFlow market intelligence platform, while AgFlow will broaden its technological expertise in data analytics to transform raw data into actionable information for the agricultural supply chain.

AgFlow operates an innovative trade intelligence platform aggregating OTC market data on global grains, oilseeds/ proteins and edible oils from market participants worldwide. SGS’s investment in this market intelligence expertise will complement its existing market research studies and services.

SGS has developed a wide portfolio of market research and information services throughout the agricultural value chain over the last 10 years. These range from the pre-farm gate to the primary processing stage and cover production trends, crop conditions, quality maps at time of harvest, global trade flows, monitoring of undesirable substances or contaminants, ad-hoc market surveys, and more.

"SGS’s market research services will complement AgFlow’s data platform and unique market analytics," said Gennadiy Shulga, SGS’s Vice President for Business Development. "This acquisition is an important part of SGS’s focus on embracing digital technologies that will enhance our services to the trade."

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For further information, please contact:

Gennadiy Shulga
Vice President Business Development