SGS Oil, Gas and Chemicals Services has launched a new testing facility, dedicated to oil condition monitoring (OCM), in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

The new laboratory will offer a complete range of OCM services to many industries, including factories, road transport, railway, marine, mining and power generation. It uses SGS’s centralized Services for Oil and Fuel Intranet Application (Sofi@) LIMS system to gather and analyze data on engines and other pieces of equipment located around the world. A central team of mechanical engineers based in France interprets the sample analytical results.

OCM, the analysis of used oil and other lubricants, is a cost-effective means of identifying and preventing potential problems. It provides information that can be used to determine when maintenance operations should be performed, reducing downtime and minimizing operating losses due to unexpected failure.

SGS has been delivering OCM services for 40 years. We have the largest network of independent OCM laboratories in the world, with 32 laboratories analyzing more than 1,000,000 samples each year.

For more information about OCM in Russia, please contact:

Andrey Bogdanov
SGS Vostok Limited
18 Andropova Prospect (bldg 7)
Moscow, 115114
Russian Federation
t: +7 495 775 44 55

For more information about OCM in the rest of the world, please contact:

Rachid Boubetra
Global OCM Manager
Rue Lavoisier - BP 813
Z.I. Les Cent Sillons
27138 Verneuil-sur-Avre Cedex
t: +33 2 32 60 65 09 

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