SGS’s dedicated grains laboratory and panification facility in Canada, a joint venture with Grain Farmers of Ontario, was officially opened on July 11.

Based in Guelph, Ontario, this new facility is the first collaboration between a producer organization and private company to develop a laboratory to provide a full analytical testing scope for cereal crops in Canada.

Equipped to conduct panification (bread making) in controlled conditions, enabling the identification of the best quality wheat for this purpose, the laboratory’s capabilities will support grain farmers, processors and millers worldwide by providing quality data to aid in their marketing.

Cereal Testing Equipment

The lab will be able to determine the levels of moisture, protein and ash in wheat and flour, and to perform a number of dough rheology tests:

  1. Farinograph
  2. Alveograph
  3. Extensograph
  4. Amylograph

The lab has a Chopin SDMatic to determine the amount of damaged starch present in a flour sample after the milling process, and a Perten Falling Number machine to measure the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grain and flour samples. It can also perform Solvent Retention Capacity tests to determine water absorption in a flour sample.

All of these tests can be performed on submitted flour samples, as well as those obtained after milling wheat on our Buhler Laboratory Mill.

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For further information, please contact:

Paolo Santangelo
Commercial Manager

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