Recent quality system inspections in Europe approved SGS as a trusted provider of Good Efficacy Trials (GEP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in field trials and laboratory analytics.

Following recent scheduled quality assurance inspections, at sites in Poland, Hungary, Germany and Denmark – plus a co-inspection between The Netherlands and Germany on a GLP residue trial – SGS has been reaffirmed as a trusted provider of Good Efficacy Trials (GEP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in field trials and laboratory analytics. To ensure compliance with the appropriate quality system, regular inspections are undertaken at SGS sites, by local authorities, SGS Quality Assurance and using customer audits.

SGS is recognized throughout Europe as a trusted provider of GEP and GLP

SGS provides comprehensive GEP/GLP services throughout Europe, using an extensive network of field trial centers and laboratories. Currently SGS operates six laboratories, established in France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary, and can offer field trial facilities in 28 countries.
The renewal period for certification of GEP/GLP differs from country to country. Initial GEP/GLP certification will remain valid for one to two years, but following that period different countries will instigate their own renewal procedures.
In Germany and Denmark, after a series of successful GEP inspections, certificates have now been issued for five and six years respectively. SGS currently runs three GEP accredited field stations in Germany - Neuruppin, Emstek and Bahlingen – and one in Denmark, at Graasten. The site at Graasten is accredited for efficacy tests in field trials, fruit growing and forestry.
The facility at Graasten has also received a GLP certificate, allowing it to run tests relating to pesticides, including crop residue studies and environmental fate field studies. SGS’s GLP laboratories at Pszczyna, Poland, and Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, have also recently received recertification and the laboratory in Hamburg, Germany, renewed its accreditation in 2016.

Quality system compliance, as demonstrated at SGS sites across Europe, is a significant achievement. Providing regulatory trials requires assurance that quality system standards are implemented and achieved. These approvals demonstrate SGS’s extensive capability to deliver pan-European trials and analytics.

SGS GEP Trials Stations

Following the successful GEP of their facilities throughout Europe, SGS can justifiably claim to offer an efficient and effective Pan-European network of field stations working in field trials. SGS’s European facilities include 21 field stations and 140 agronomists, offering the complete series of regulatory trials that demonstrate efficacy, crop tolerance and crop performance, all in accordance to good efficacy practice. In addition, SGS can successfully run GLP field trials, relating to dietary and environmental risk assessment, at sites throughout Europe.

SGS GLP Laboratories in Europe

SGS’s GLP laboratories in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary, can provide a range of services in the following OECD categories:

  1. Physical-chemical testing (e.g. Product Chemistry)
  2. Environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms (e.g. ecotoxicological testing)
  3. Studies on behavior in water, soil and air; bioaccumulation
  4. Residue studies (e.g. field trials, processing)

Complementary Services

SGS is also able to deliver study/project management services, using our experienced teams in France, the UK and Germany to co-ordinate programs, and our regulatory affairs operation, based in the UK, can support dossier preparation and submissions.

For many years, SGS has been a proven outsourcing leader for product research and development in the pesticide, biostimulant, biocide and fertilizer industries. As a quality-assured operation, SGS can provide reliable results on time and budget and can support early decision-making. SGS’s global network means we can address the needs of our customers in a flexible and reliable manner.

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