SGS, a leading global inspection, verification, testing and certification company, is now adding portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) testing to its comprehensive portfolio of transportation testing services in the US.

The PEMS unit is used to assess mobile source emissions for vehicles and other engine operated machines in on-road or in-use working conditions. Due to the lightweight design and mobile application, testing can be provided anywhere in the world.

“Because we can take the unit anywhere it’s needed, this system offers a lot of flexibility for our customers,” said Anthony Beck, director of operations for SGS’s high-feature engine and vehicle testing lab in Aurora, CO. “What’s more, partnering with a trusted third party to perform in-use testing adds credibility to the results. We see a lot of great benefits for our customers.”
This feature-reach unit is able to test anything from vehicles, construction equipment, generators and ATVs to heavy trucks and small aircraft. Many of the heavy duty engine powered vehicles require in-use testing in the US, making PEMS testing essential.
“Though on-road emissions testing is not required for light vehicles in the US, we have several automotive OEM customers that are pairing our PEMS testing services with our in-use vehicle testing services,” Beck noted. “This allows them to be proactive while the vehicles are already on-site and to gauge where they are in relation to RDE standards.”
For more information, please contact:
Amanda Hoffman
Marketing Manager
SGS Transportation
t: +1 (303) 349 1037

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