The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has announced the introduction of a new nutrition facts panel for all packaged foods. Manufacturers with annual food sales greater than $10,000,000 USD will need to be compliant by July 26, 2018. All other companies will be required to complete the change by July 26, 2019.

The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has announced an amendment to its food labeling regulations covering conventional foods and dietary supplements. Following the publication on May 27, 2016, companies will be required to introduce a new nutrition facts panel on their products as of the effective date of July 26, 2016.

Compliance with the Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Label rule has been set for July 26, 2018, for manufacturers with annual food sales greater than $10,000,000 USD, and July 26, 2019, for companies with annual food sales below $10,000,000. This change does not affect meat, poultry, processed eggs, siluriformes and most alcoholic beverages.

The new panel has been designed to include nutritional information that will assist consumers in maintaining healthy dietary practices. To this end, the nutrition fact label has been redesigned to ensure the consumer has access to the information they require to make informed decisions. The US FDA has deemed this information to be consistent with current understanding on the associations between nutrients and chronic diseases, health-related conditions, physiological endpoints, and/or maintaining a healthy dietary pattern that reflects current public health conditions in the United States. The information also reflects current understanding of consumer knowledge and consumption patterns.

In order to abide by the amended rule, the new nutrition fact panel must include the following:

  • Highlighted “calories” and “servings per container” by using a larger and bolder font
  • Declaration of the amount in grams and percent Daily Value (%DV) of added sugars
  • New Daily Values for Sodium, dietary fiber and vitamin D
  • Required declaration of Vitamin D and Potassium, both the amounts and %DV
  • Required amount declaration of Calcium and Iron
  • A new abbreviated footnote to explain %DV

The US FDA has also updated the label requirements concerning portion size in three ways:

  • The updated serving sizes will now reflect what the modern US consumer actually eats
  • Items that could be consumed at one or more sitting must now provide a dual column showing data for “per serving” and “per package”
  • Packages that are 1 to 2 servings per container will be considered a single serving container and will have the appropriate nutrition facts panel

The US FDA also intends to update the supplement facts panels for dietary supplements in line with the changes to nutrition fact panels. This will include information such as the changes to %DV, the prominence of calories and the revised footnote.

With about 40% of product rejections in the EU and America resulting from improper labeling, it is important that food manufacturers can accurately list ingredients, using a method compliant with market regulations. SGS has the expertise and experience to support businesses across the food industry as they transition to the new requirements. Our food label reviews services, and nutritional and composition testing can help companies ensure regulatory compliance, while saving cost, time and possible reputation damage due to product recalls.

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