Reports of Listeria outbreaks in US ice cream, detergents linked to Indian milk, and Botulism scares in Chinese milk powder due to New Zealand imports – all media headlines that make consumers question the safety of dairy products.

In order to retain, or in some cases regain, consumer trust in the dairy industry you need to stay informed on the complex mix of issues and risks. To save you time and research, SGS’ new white paper investigates the wide range of issues currently facing the dairy industry, and provides in-depth commentary to help you better understand the most important topics requiring monitoring and testing.

Topics covered in the SGS white paper: Understanding Safety, Quality and Supply Chain Best Practice in the Dairy Industry include:

  • State of the Global Dairy Industry: Is the dairy industry experiencing a ‘market imbalance’ today? Where are tomorrow’s future import/export markets? Find out in this chapter.
  • International Standards and Regulations: Could a Codex standard for ‘whey permeate’ mean new growth for an underutilized product? What are the Codex Alimentarius Commision (Codex) and International Dairy Federation (IDF) standards and regulations for the dairy industry? Examine the main guidance steering dairy worldwide in this chapter.
  • Safety and Quality Issues in the Dairy Industry: How do farmers really use antibiotics? Does dairy really contain what it claims on the packet? Has the rise of raw milk lead to an increase of pathogenic bacterial contaminates? Is packaging a source of mineral oil migration? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this chapter.
  • Consumer Health and Wellbeing: Milk – the number one self-reported food allergen? When a product claims ‘lactose-free’ what does it mean? Is ‘organic’ driving dairy fraud? In this chapter discover how to reassure and keep consumers safe.
  • Best Practices in the Dairy Supply Chain: Does your organization operate without a supply chain management tool? How can a 360-degree quality, safety and compliance program become reality? What are the ‘top resilience’ improvement factors? Get to grips with the fundamentals of supply chain security in this chapter.
  • Global Dairy Consumption, Import and Export: Biggest exporters? Largest importers? What are the product categories set for growth? Get all the facts and figures of the global dairy industry in this chapter.

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